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Auto Service LED CASE STUDY: AUTO Muffler and Brakes

See the advantages of USA Made LED Lights in an Auto Service LED Case Study – 10 Year Warranty and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Project: MONRO Muffler/Brakes & Service

Highlights: Retrofitted 50 of 800 company-run stores in 19 states

States: Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Owner: Corporate (

LED Installation: 2012

Opportunity for LED Lights: Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for automotive service businesses. Monro had outdated T12 fluorescent tubes of multiple lengths, with the equivalent of 162 4’ 45 watt tubes in each location. At 12 hours of illumination over 6 days a week (3,744h/year), each tube used 168.5 kWh/year. At the average electricity rate in Connecticut of $.19/kWh, the lighting cost was $32 per tube per year and $5,184 per location.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED provided a 15 watt LED tube solution that saves 30 watts per tube for over 66% savings. The bright white 5000K and increased light output improves the look of the service centers and the productivity in addition to the energy efficiency.

Auto Service LED Case Study Results: By reducing tube wattage from 45 to 15, the annual savings is 112.3 kWh and $21.34 per tube and $3,457 per location. Over the 60,000 hour 16 year life of the LEDs at 12/6, the lifetime energy savings is over $341 per tube and over $55,000 per location. With historical 3% average annual increases in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is over $65,000 per location. For the first 50 retrofitted locations, the lifetime savings will exceed $3.25 million.

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