LED Case Study Video on the Lighting Retrofit

for a top Auto Service Chain – Monro Muffler

See the advantages of USA Made LED Lights in an LED Case Study Video by one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers.

LED Case Study Video Excerpt Quotes:

The following quotes are from Monro Muffler store managers at locations ranging from Milford to Danbury, Connecticut, after Independence LED Lighting provided its “LED Saving Solutions” technology and services to the first 50 locations in the national chain. This LED Case Study Video captures the lights as well as the business advantages of the LED retrofit.

“The new lights are just a lot brighter. It’s a lot easier to work in the shop with bright lights. You know even though you didn’t add any lights, they are just a lot brighter. “

“These are clean, I mean, you can read minute letters without even trying.”

“Especially with the time of year it is now, it gets darker a lot earlier. It stays a lot brighter in here, and it is just much easier for us to do our job.”

“You can see so much more of the car. You can see down into the cracks and crevasses. It allows you to leave both hands clear to work on the car instead of sticking a flashlight somewhere and then trying to do what’s left with the hand you have.”

“The presentation is much better when you’re selling at the car, bring the customer out. I’d rather show you what’s wrong.”

“You look at it out there, the shops clean, everything is where it’s supposed to be. You know where everything is, everything is well lit. It just gives you a better attitude when you come in.”

(Reference to store appearance from the outside) “You look like you’re here and you’re ready to work. You look you’re open and you’re ready for business. If you’re dark and dingy, people drive by to the next store. Presentation is everything.”

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