Energy Saving Rebates on LED Lighting for Made in USA Technology

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The T12 Ban started July 14, 2012

CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting is a private sector program Energy Saving Rebates program, specifically developed by Independence LED Lighting to assist American Business owners with the U.S. Department of Energy’s July 14th, 2012 ban on inefficient fluorescent tubes.

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All fluorescent tubes contain toxic mercury and are less efficient than LED Tubes. T12 fluorescent tubes at the most common 4’ length are typically 40 watts vs the T8 fluorescent tubes that are typically 32 watts. By contrast, Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is mercury free and significantly more energy efficient than fluorescent tube technology. As an example, 4’ LED tubes are between 18 watts and 12 watts depending on the lumens per watt of the given technology to replace fluorescent tubes. An additional advantage of LED tubes is that higher output tubes can “de-lamp” two for one existing fluorescent tubes that are either T12 or T8. Delamping is increasingly desirable for many buyers that see the advantages of systems like the Independence LED Lighting technology. The Independence LED tubes are engineered so that you can center the tubes in troffer housings rather than use the tombstones that are either on the outside edge or the inside pair of a four tube troffer. Our external driver technology with the power directly to the tubes allows you to bypass the tombstone and use our special UL approved clamps to place the LED tube wherever you chose in the fixture.

The Energy Saving Rebates in this Cash for Clunkers program make the decision to retrofit with LED tubes even easier. Plus, the 10 Year Warranty and Made in America LED tube quality assurance and reliability provide long term savings and CO2 emission reduction.

The proven results of our LED Light Manufacturing are in the diverse range of property retrofits across the country. See some of our sample LED Case Studies that display Energy Saving Rebates.

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