Commercial LED Lighting Sales Partners

We work with our strategic partners to connect the dots on cost-effective energy products and solution services. Energy efficient lighting is one of the highest ROI spokes on the wheel of building efficiency, so other clean-tech energy partners often welcome including LEDs in their proposals. We also reciprocate through introductions to our clients when appropriate. For almost a decade we have also worked with strategic sales partners that help open the doors to property owners and managers that welcome learning about reduced operating expenses.

Mutual Referral Partners – Companies that provide technology such as smart controls, building management systems , solar, wind, fuel cell and advanced HVAC climate control systems. In many cases our portfolio accounts welcome introductions to technology that augments the energy savings from our LED lighting solutions. Our clients at the CEO, CFO, COO, and VP/Director level positions in Facility, Energy, and Sustainability are often overwhelmed with choices , and we help make recommendations to guide their decisions on total property efficiency.

Energy Professionals – Individuals that have worked in areas such as sub-metering, energy procurement, energy monitoring, and measurement and verification. To date our most successful Energy Professional partners have earned the trust of end users through their ongoing relationships. Many of our accounts have a need for specialized energy services , and we also provide commissions if our energy professional partners make introductions for their accounts that see the value in our lighting solutions.

Lead Providers –  We have a referral commission program for individuals that open doors to solutions clients and wholesale buyers.

Manufacturers Representatives –  We have a commission program for Manufacturers Representatives that have experience with energy-efficiency products ,  traditional and LED lighting products.

Authorized Resellers – We have wholesale pricing at different volume levels for companies with an existing client base that would like to become authorized resellers and purchase our US Made 10 Year Warranty LED lights.