LED Performance:  Less Energy + More Output, Light Distribution & Longevity

See the LED Performance from one of the top USA made LED Light Manufacturers with 10 Year Warranty and Turnkey Commercial LED Lighting Solutions.

Seeing is Believing. For LED Performance a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but
see our Spec Sheets to review the details for yourself. Then Order Samples: IndependenceLED.com/Contact/

In these photos to the right from a parking garage retrofit, notice in the upper ‘Before’ image that the light does not illuminate the underside of the structural beam to the left of the fixture. The ‘After’ photo below has the EAGLE LED TUBE – Two Tube Vapor Tight Fixture. Notice that it illuminates the underside of the structure to a higher degree than the previous Metal Halide fixture. The Foot Candle Meter readings also reinforce the visual advantage and the more even distribution of light.

INDEPENDENCE LED understands that new technology bears the responsibility of a high level of performance to change the trends and break the ‘muscle memory’. We  focus on the three key aspects of LED Performance for our Authorized Resellers and Turnkey Commercial Lighting Solutions service accounts.

•PAYBACK on LED Performance
•PROFIT on LED Performance

First –  As an Authorized Reseller, you have to be able to show your clients the  PHOTEOMETRIC  Performance via Bean Angle, Foot Candles, and Color Temperate to meet or exceed the specifications in the designated retrofit area. If LED Tubes and Fixtures do not deliver on the light output then all of the Energy Savings are immaterial, because the quality of light has to come first.  We recommend DEMO installations to illustrate the excellent Photometrics of the EAGLE LED TUBES and Multi-Tube Fixtures.

Second – The top line cost to the End User or the monthly expense of a Financing Program must make financial sense to achieve the PAYBACK  Performance.  Our Authorized Resellers may offer clients the ability to apply for 0% Down Equipment Leases and/or Savings Share programs with monthly costs that typically are cash flow positive  from the very first month. For more more information: IndependenceLED.com/Contact/

Third – You need to make money to achieve your internal PROFIT Performance.  With LEDs you can make more money now over traditional fluorescent retrofits, because LEDs typically cost so much more than fluorescent tubes and fixtures. So,  the same percentage Margin yields significantly larger profits for our Authorized Resellers.

SPEC SHEETS on LED Performance – LED Tubes and Multi-Tube Fixtures: Spec Sheets Download Page

For our Turnkey Commercial Lighting Solutions service accounts, LED Performance is equally important and the profit comes through the increase in Net Operating Income (NOI). The less you spend on electricity with inefficient traditional lights, the more net profit you can make each year.

175W Existing Metal Halide
  Foot Candles Metered:
At the Floor:  11
Between Fixtures:   3.5

50W New EAGLE LED Fixture
  Foot Candles Metered:
At the Floor:  20
Between Fixtures:   17