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LED CASE STUDY: Factory LED Tube Retrofit

See advantages of American Made LED Lights in a Factory LED Tube Retrofit – 10 Year Warranty and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership LED Lighting.

Project: PAC – Premier Applied Coatings

Highlights: Retrofit of Shop Lights for 25,000 sq. ft. Facility

Address: 326 S. Franklin St. Boyertown, PA 19512

Owner: PAC (www.pac-si.com)

LED Installation: 2011

Opportunity for LED Lights: Shop lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for specialty manufacturing facilities. PAC had inefficient T12 fluorescent tubes running 9 hours per work day totaling 2,340h/year. The old tubes each used 187.2 kWh per year. At a $.12/kWh electricity rate, the T12 tubes cost $22.46 per year to operate. PAC had invested in a major rooftop Solar system, so reducing the waste in the lights made strong economic sense.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED provided energy savings of 62% over the existing fluorescents and helped bring the facility to a “Net Zero” cost of lighting with the Solar Photovoltaic Panels. This combination of Solar on the roof and LEDs in the ceiling serve as energy intelligent siblings.

Factory LED Tube Retrofit Case Study Results: By reducing the wattage by an average of 62%, the annual savings per tube is 117 kWh and $14.04. Over the 25 year life of the LEDs at 9h/work day, the lifetime energy savings is over $360 per tube. The project also earned $6,646, one the first LED Tube Rebates from Met-Ed, a First Energy Company. The US Department of Energy (DOE) Reports that there are over 2 Billion fluorescent tubes in American ceilings, of which over 900 million are outdated T12s like those at PAC.

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