Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Process

The front-end of our Turn-Key Lighting Solutions often includes Photometric Analysis to digitally model the optimal lighting output. On the back-end, we provide Installation Coordination upon request to ensure the proper execution of each lighting strategy. In between, our lighting audits with foot candle meter readings, savings proposals with energy calculations, rebate administration, and financing options help deliver the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Do you know how much your lights cost to operate? Independence LED Lighting is pleased to provide objective and actionable intelligence. We first audit and then illustrate the cost per square foot of your lighting relative to industry averages and to help you determine the economic advantages of lighting upgrades for all or a portions of your facility or multi-location enterprise.  Our proposals are a powerful tool for you to go to bid or request proposals from LED lighting manufacturers or value added resellers. We are typically invited to bid as well on the projects, and we welcome the opportunity to participate. Our proposal reporting service is technology agnostic for retrofits and new construction with LED lights and smart controls sourced from multiple different manufacturers, including our own products when appropriate to meet your needs.  Our clients include private sector business owners as well as public sector entities at federal, state, and municipal levels.   Measurement is the key to management.

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Independence LED Lighting Solutions Savings Proposals

Our Commercial LED Lighting Savings Proposals provide actionable intelligence.

Why Now? On average, lighting accounts for 30% of commercial energy consumption, and the latest technology can reduce the operating costs by 50% or more. Improvements in efficiency and longevity for technology such as Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and reduced equipment costs can now yield Return on Investment (ROI) over 33% and paybacks in less than 3 years. Plus, $0 upfront cost financing programs can deliver cash-flow positive results from the start. Lighting is typically not sub-metered and the illumination market is increasingly complicated. So, understanding the economic impact of your ceiling and the advantages of new LED light fixtures often requires a trusted auditor and advisor with experience in LED lighting fixtures.

Five Star Report parts:

Section 1: Comprehensive Lighting Audit We go beyond a typical lighting “count” to provide the complete information needed for you to make intelligent choices.

1.1: Lighting Schedule – List of fixture types with details including: Wattage, Color, Lens , Beam Angle, Reflectors, Rated Lumens, Directional Lumens, Rated Life, Ballast Factor,  and features such as Dimming, Occupancy Sensors, and Battery Back-ups

1.2: Fixture count by property section

1.3: Run Time weekly hours of operation by area

1.4: Sensor review by fixture and/or area with natural light for potential light harvesting

1.5: Ballast Analysis – Type and Power Factor with spot checks for fluorescent fixtures (This is key for potential retrofits with ballast compatible “Plug and Play” options.)

1.6: Age of Fixtures and prior relamping schedule (This is key for analysis in the rolling retrofit options)

1.7: Fixture Lens condition (This is key for possible replacement for chipped or damaged lenses)

1.8: Ceiling height and fixture mounting height from finished floor and exterior mounting conditions

1.9: Fixture spacing

1.10: Foot candle spot check averages directly underneath fixtures and between fixtures

(The data collection for 1.8 – 1.10 is key for potential photometric layout analysis given that technology such as LEDs may have more directional light than existing conditions.)

Section 2: Smart Controls Review of daily usage in different areas, such as time in aisles for Distribution Centers, to inform opportunities for occupancy sensors. This is different than the existing run time data that may be in excess of the illumination needs.

Section 3: Utility Rebate Incentives Analysis of Rebate opportunities with the existing utility companies and comparison to alternative utility providers. Note that most utility companies have both prescriptive and custom rebates that have different incentives by type of retrofit and smart controls.

Section 4: Specification Guidelines Recommendations for Specifications on retrofit options taking into account performance data per the lighting needs of the facility and bid approaches such as Total Cost of Ownership and Warranty protection vs lowest commodity cost of equipment.

Section 5: Economic Analysis with Multi-Phased Plan Perspective on comparative performance is key to understanding if and when action is applicable and desirable. Our Five Star Report includes analysis such as your lighting cost / sq. ft. relative to industry averages by property type. We also provide the economics to illustrate the savings potential with industry average price points on LEDs and smart controls so that you can review ROI and TCO. This economic section of our LED Lighting Solutions report highlights which areas such as rooms with southern exposure with natural light may benefit from photocell light harvesting over other areas. By evaluating the run times, we also provide guidance into which areas at lower levels of use do not warrant a retrofit at this time but may fall into a “Rolling-Retrofit” Phase 2 part of an overall plan when the existing lights burn out. In this section, we review operating use as well as lighting, so if there are areas that need more light than existing, we can factor in the advantages to increase productivity and impact the bottom line. The overall intention of this section is to help guide a bid or proposal request so that you focus on the highest and best use of available LED light fixtures and smart control today to reduce cost and increase performance.

How it works:  We provide the comprehensive services outlined above including on-site reviews and report generation. You support our analytic services with relevant information such as:

  • Sample Recent Utility Bill
  • Existing Lighting Schedule
  • Existing Lighting Specifications
  • Existing Floor Plan and preferably Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Highlights of lighting retrofit areas over the past 5 years other than regular maintenance
  • Performance feedback on any LED samples or retrofit proposals
  • Convenient access days and times to your facility for our on-site reviews


SUMMARY Our Five Star Lighting Report illustrates opportunities and serves as a navigation tool to help guide you across the increasingly complex LED lighting fixture marketplace with the underlying goal of dedicating the least money to generate the highest increase in Net Operating Income.

Independence LED Turn-Key Process and Solution Services

Portfolio and Incentive prioritization

Independence LED Lighting Audits


  • Lens Condition
  • DeLamping Potential
  • Mounting Height
  • Fixture & lamp Spacing
  • Light Levels in Foot Candle
  • Hours of Operation
  • Ballast Power Factor
  • Day-lighting and occupancy control opportunities
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Metering Conditions
  • Voltage
  • Install difficulty
  • Site usage
  • Impacted project logistics

 Independence LED Product Specification


  • LED Lighting Wattage Reduction
  • LED Lighting Color Temperature
  • LED Lighting Beam Angle
  • LED Lighting Reflectors
  • LED Lighting Rated Life
  • LED Lighting Dimming
  • LED Light Harvesting
  • LED Lighting Directional Lumens
  • LED Lighting Occupancy Sensors
  • LED Lighting Battery Back-ups
  • LED Lighting Rebate Impact on ROI
  • LED Lighting Install difficulty
  • LED Lighting Warranty

Independence LED Proposal Creation

Performance Analysis:

  • LED Lighting Return on Investment (ROI)
  • LED Lighting Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Lift in Net Operating Income (NOI) with LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • LED Lighting Green House Gas Reduction (CO2)
  • HVAC Savings Calculations with LED Lighting
  • Avoided Maintenance Expense with LED Lighting
  • Cost of waiting analysis

Independence LED Additional Support Services:

  • LED Lighting Photometric Modeling
  • LED Lighting Project Planning
  • LED Lighting Rebate Administration
  • LED Lighting Pre Retrofit Utility Measurement & Verification
  • LED Lighting Financing & Pay From Savings Leasing Services
  • LED Lighting Logistics and off-site staging
  • LED Lighting Coordinated White Glove Delivery Service
  • LED Lighting Installation Project Management
  • LED Lighting Post-Retrofit Measurement & Verification
  • LED Lighting Warranty Support

Commercial LED Lighting Audits

Commercial lighting audits are not all created equal. Our Independence LED Lighting Solutions team understands the nuances of lighting way beyond counting the number of fixtures. Measurement is the key to management, only if the measurement is accurate and thorough.

Lighting Audit Considerations:

  • Lens Condition
  • DeLamping Potential
  • Mounting Height
  • Fixture & lamp Spacing
  • Light Levels in Foot Candle
  • Hours of Operation
  • Ballast Power Factor
  • Day-lighting and occupancy control opportunities
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Metering Conditions
  • Voltage
  • Install difficulty
  • Site usage
  • Impacted project logistics

Commercial LED Lighting Rebate Administration

Independence helps our LED Lighting Solutions customers navigate the complexity of the utility incentive market across the U.S. We specifically excel at rebate administration to maximize the incentives for our customers within our Primary Solutions Service Area  – New York Metro  and nearby Connecticut, New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. In a recent account for a major Anheuser Bush Distribution Center, the standard prescriptive rebate would have generated a $50,000 incentive, but we were able to secure $120,000 in commercial LED lighting rebates by filing a more complicated “custom” application that factored in measures such as motion sensors. This example of a significant lift in rebates for LED light fixtures naturally has a positive impact on the ROI.

We were one of the first recipients of rebates for Commercial LED lights from Con Edison, when Lockheed Martin was engaged by them to evaluate LED technology in advance of the Design Lights Consortium Qualified Products List. Our legacy and current knowledge of the process enables us to determine the advantages of submitting custom as well as prescriptive rebates to reduce the net cost to our customers. We are pleased to extend our LED lighting expertise to customers by working directly with Con Edison, NYSERDA, Connecticut Light & Power, New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program – Smart Start, PECO, and Pennsylvania Power & Light.


Commercial LED Lighting Financing Programs

Many of our solutions clients request a review of their financing options even if they have the resources to pay for LED retrofits or new construction fixtures. We help introduce the right type of financing opportunities to meet your analytic or budgetary needs from a diverse range of strategic partners that we have worked with over the years.

We provide clarity on the impact of LED light fixture choices such as Equipment Leasing, Balance Sheet Financing, Savings Share Programs, and more. Interest rates are naturally a key factor, and we have the ability to secure very low interest rates through our relationships with sustainable energy fund lenders as well as commercial providers. In our LED lighting fixture proposals we demonstrate the key performance metrics so that you can weigh the cost of financing over the advantages of the LED lights through a straight purchase. $0 upfront cost programs  that are has flow positive from the start are an option as well as partial financing based on funds that our clients may have at hand for us on a lighting project.

Finance Considerations in our LED Lighting Solutions Proposal Creation

Performance Analysis:                                     

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • HVAC Savings Calculations
  • Avoided Maintenance Expense
  • Cost of waiting analysis

Commercial LED Lighting Installation Project Management

LED lights only provides the expected economic benefit if the actual installation cost  does not exceed the estimated installation cost. Our Independence LED solutions team is well aware that many buyers from other companies have had negative experiences with the quality of LEDs and the surprises when installations costs come in higher than expected.

We spend the time in the lighting auditing and proposal process to reduce the surprises. This preventive medicine approach is  one of the many reasons that we have earned the trust of major real estate property owners and managers.  As part of our LED Lighting Solutions service, we also conduct pre-installation inspections as needed and prepare Statement of Work (SOW) documentation to streamline the installation process of the LED light fixtures and controls. Simply, our SOW files clarify where each different type of light goes, given that some projects have several dozen different types of lights.

As a further testament to our installation coordination commitment, we recently secured warehouse space in Secaucus, NJ to work with a logistics company on servicing the numerous ongoing LED lighting accounts in the New York metro market.