Reseller Support

LED Lighting Manufacturer provides Wholesale LED Lights for Resellers

See how one of the leading American LED Lighting Manufacturers provides Wholesale LED Lights and supports its LED Distributor network.

We understand that in many cases our Authorized Resellers have Property Owners and Facility Mangers that have not budgeted for LED lamps and fixtures. To that end, we support our Authorized Resellers with services to help facilitate the sale. We believe that Measurement is the Key to Management, so an effective LED retrofit often begins with an understanding of the financial situation of an end user.  Authorized Resellers often leave the discussion about Financing Options until after the Lighting Audit and Product Matching, instead of having the discussion upfront. Independence LED supports our Authorized Reseller network members in the financing discussions and deliverables as well as the other aspects of commercial LED lighting for retrofits and new construction.

The DEMO Pathway for Wholesale LED Lights :
We have found that one of the key steps in a successful retrofit often involves a Luminaire Field Test.  This is typically a set of DEMO Tubes or Tube Fixtures that follow the findings from the Lighting Audit and Product Matching process. A successful field test illustrates the subjective quality of the light as well as the objective foot candle meter readings, typically underneath the LED fixture, between, two and often at the center of four DEMO fixtures.

The Financing & Rebate Pathway for Wholesale LED Lights:
Our Independence LED Lighting Finance and Research Teams are pleased to work with our Authorized Resellers to help public and private sector companies and organizations reduce their operating expenses through the installation of high-performance LED lighting. Given the relationships that Independence LED Lighting has forged within different funding sources, Independence LED Lighting also offers a range of financing options to meet the current and ongoing cash flow needs of end users. Independence LED Lighting works to find the right mix within each region and funding sector. The mix may include a combination of different funding sources and incentive or rebate programs.  The funding path options may include:

•PRIVATE SECTOR FUNDING – Equipment Leases and Saving Share Programs
•PUBLIC SECTOR TAX INCENTIVES – Energy Policy Act (EPAct) Tax Deductions
•ENERGY REDUCTION GRANTS – Performance Incentives
•SPECIALTY FUNDING – A Range of innovative options
•HYBRID SOLUTIONS – Combinations of any of the above with partial deposits vs 0% financing

User-Friendly Return on Investment Software:
We use advanced ROI and Proposal software to save time and money, and for certain Authorized Resellers we are open to extending the technology for their use.

Reporting and Presentation Tools for Buyers of our Wholesale LED Lights
Beyond ROI and Proposal software we provide in-house photometric modeling and we are open to providing the services to certain Authorized Resellers. Energy savings is top of mind for end users, but we also have advanced capabilities to break out the factors for Maintenance and Bulb Replacement Savings, Air Conditioning Load Reduction, as well as Financing options, EPAct advantages, Property Value Increase, CO2 Reduction, and the overall monthly cost of waiting to retrofit with LEDs.  Visual support such as photometric modeling and the savings factors beyond energy often help tip customers from delaying a purchase to buying LEDs.

Training Curriculum for Buyers of our Wholesale LED Lights
The Independence LED Lighting ‘Boot Camp’ Trainers provide options for Live Workshop Programs, Webinars, Online Resources, and Shadowing Opportunities for Sales Calls. The Live Workshops are available on site at the Independence LED Lighting Corporate Headquarters in Greater Philadelphia or on location at the offices of the Authorized Reseller. For a preview of the LED Boot Camp curriculum, Technology, Videos, and Support Files see:

Operating Principles  specifically for Servicing our Authorized Resellers:

1. Workforce Assessment – We provide comprehensive analysis across the Lighting Marketplace to determine the areas of need and intern the opportunity to develop curriculum upgrades and support software for the energy ‘consulting’ sale.

  1. Curriculum R & D – We author, upgrade and roll-out live and online classes. In many cases the curriculum includes proprietary software and resource ‘tools’ that enable our trainees to leverage their skills in the marketplace. We also develop key continuing education and certification content and programs to ensure the added value and quality control.
  2. Reseller Alignment – We match our resellers needs to the right programs. From Electrical Contractors to Lighting Designers and from Energy Service Company (ESCOs) to Cleantech Renewable Power Companies, we work with a range of viable players in the new Energy Economy.
  3. Measurement and Verification – We work diligently to ensure that our Company is well represented, and we pre-qualify Resellers so that our LED Products are sold by quality individuals and companies.
  4. Re-Engagement – Upon request, we continue working with members of our Authorized Reseller Network via continuing education to refine and improve their knowledge.

For any questions about our Wholesale LED Lights purchase program: Contact Us