Is There a Trend In The U.S. Manufacturing Of LED Tube Lights?

Property owners and facility managers are increasingly frustrated with the lack of quality control and the lack of thermal management with internal driver LED tubes lights coming out of China. Plus, the July 14th, 2012 ban by the Department of Energy on inefficient T12 fluorescent tubes, has created programs like the CASH for CLUNKER Lighting that offer incentives to commercial and industrial end-users. These two key factors may increase the demand enough to encourage companies to follow the path of Independence LED lighting that moved its LED tube light manufacturing from China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 2010.

Independence LED Lighting has tripled its revenue each of the last three years and this may be a key example of the growing trend to support U.S. LED manufacturing as well as other energy-related products that save money and create jobs. LED tube light manufacturers have typically been overseas, but Independence LED Lighting now has major retrofit case studies and installed LED tube lights across the private sector’s Fortune 100 as well as the civilian and military public sector. It appears that energy-saving 2′, 4′, and 8′ LED tube lights are here to stay, and the adoption of the most common length LED tube lights has naturally contributed to the growth of LED tube light manufacturers like Independence LED Lighting.  The LED market, specifically the LED tube light market, may play a key role in American economic recovery because business can reduce their operating costs, and jobs are created from manufacturing, distribution, and installation all along the way.