LED High Bay Replacement

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LED CASE STUDY: Distribution Center LED High Bay Replacement

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Project: Rex Distributing Company

Highlights: Major Beer Distributor in Mississippi

Address: 12100 Intraplex Pkwy, Gulfport, MS 39503

Owner: www.abwholesaler.com/group10/rexdistributingcompany

LED Installation: 2012

Opportunity for LED Lights: Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for Beer Distribution Centers. This one is over 60,000 sq. ft. and had common 450 watt Metal Halide high bay fixtures. At about 18 hours of illumination per day (6,600h/year), each fixture used 2,970 kWh/year. At the average electricity rate in Mississippi of $.085/kWh, the lighting cost was $252.45 per fixture per year. With high bay bulb replacement and maintenance labor costs of over $48, the annual cost total was over $300 per fixture.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED ‘s 150 watt LED high bay fixture saves 300 watts per fixture for over 66% savings. The external driver and aluminum heat sinks are ideal for industrial applications.

LED High Bay Replacement Case Study Results: By reducing fixture wattage from 450 to 150, the annual savings is 1,980 kWh and $168.30 per fixture + the $48 in reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor for total savings of over $215 per fixture. The saving over the long 9 year life of the LEDs (6,600h/year) is $1,935 per fixture and even higher with inflation on energy. At about 600 sq. ft. per fixture, facilities with 60,000 sq. ft. often have over 100 fixtures, yielding annual savings over $21,500.

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