LED Sales Kit

LED Sales Kit packages to support Sales Network Members

See how one of the leading American LED Lighting Manufacturers provides LED Sales Kit packages to support Manufacturer Representatives and Authorized LED Distributors

LED Sales Kit Overview:

With increasing requests across the U.S. and from overseas Distributors, Independence LED has streamlined the LED Sales Kit offerings to two options:

  1. A) Single LED Tube Kit
  2. B) Four LED Tube Kit


Special Requests for a LED Sales Kit:

Independence LED Lighting will provide additional LED Tubes upon request in 12 Tube multiples to match its shipping cases. The preferred case count includes matching length, color temperature and wattage for each 12 count set, but exceptions will be made upon review of each request for a custom LED Sales Kit.


The Right LED Sales Kit for You:

The Sales Kits are for a diverse range of Lead Providers, Manufacturer Representatives, and Authorized Resellers that include but are not limited to:


  • Outside Lead Providers
  • Outside Manufacturer’s Representatives
  • Stocking Distributors – Wholesale Electrical Supply
  • Dealers – Lighting Reseller
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Lighting Product Specifiers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Energy Services Companies
  • Cleantech- Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, etc. Integrators
  • Lighting Design Firms
  • Construction Management Firms



Both of these LED Sales Kits include the Independence LED “Deep Fin” Aluminum Cross Section and a sample of an imported LED Tube to illustrate the dramatic difference in thermal management. Plus, each Kit includes an External Driver wired to a two prong plug and a six foot extension cord for ease of illumination.


THE EAGLE 1 – LED Sales Kit – 2014

1’ LED Tube – Clear Lens Sample  + Driver (The wattage is less than 4 and the color temperature is typically 5000K)

1’ Aluminum “Deep Fin” Extrusion

1’ Imported Sample “Cut Away”

6’ Extension Cord

Sales Binder PDF File: (Top Technology and Retrofit Photos)

(Note: The External Driver is wired to a two prong plug for sales presentation display convenience.)

Cost: $20 + $15 U.S. Shipping and Handling = $35


This is ideal for Authorized Resellers as well as Lead Providers and Manufacturer Representatives that want to have ease of portability with a tube to keep on hand for meetings and travel convenience.



THE EAGLE 4 – LED Sales Kit – 2014

4’ LED Tube – 12W; 4000K; Clear + Driver

4’ LED Tube – 16W; 4000K; Clear + Driver

4’ LED Tube – 22W; 4000K; Clear + Driver

4’ LED Tube – 29W; 5000K; Clear + Driver

Plus: Sales Binder PDF File: (Top Technology and Retrofit Photos)

Cost: $345 + $50 U.S. Shipping and Handling = $395

Note: 4000K is the core product color with 5000K as the bright white for the high output 29W tubes that are most commonly used for Vapor Tight, Low and High Bay Fixtures. The Eagle 4 Sales Kit is an ideal way to show prospective buyers the technology with the tubes side by side to demonstrate the increasing level of diodes and output. Each of the External Drivers are also wired to two prong plugs for sales presentation display convenience. (Special Order Frosted Lenses and warm 3500K Sample Tubes are available upon request. Call for cost and delivery time.)


Plus Rebate Ready DLC Listed FIXTURES:

Given the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Listings on our Fixtures, our Resellers often order one of the following “Rebate Ready” products given the significant cost savings for end users:

  • DLC 2′ x 4′ Fluorescent Troffer Retrofit: Two 22 Watt Tubes (44 Watts) for over 4,400 lumens
  • DLC Parking Garage Fixture: 44 Watts for over 4,400 lumens or 58 Watts for over 5,800 lumens
  • DLC Low Bay or High Bay Fixture: 116 Watts for 11,600 lumens or 174 Watts for 17,400 lumens

Advantages: These fixtures are ideal for any Authorized Reseller, because they shows the range of savings options.

BEYOND the LED Sales KIT: To fully demonstrate the energy savings and de-lamping opportunities with the Independence LED system, we recommend also purchasing sample tubes by the case (12 tubes per case) . This way you can showcase for clients sample fixture retrofits. Example: For an existing (4) Tube Troffer with 32W T8 Fluorescents, you can show a retrofit with (4) 12W LED Tubes, compared to a nearby fixture with (3) 16W LED Tubes as well as (2) 22W LED Tubes. Each fixture will emit the approximate same directional lumens and yield similar foot candles but the ROI is significantly higher for the end user with the fewer tube solutions.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

If for any reason, over the year following your order, you would like to return the LED Sales Kit, please contact our Corporate Headquarters for instructions on the return, and we will provide a full refund upon receipt.

COST SUMMARY for the LED Sales Kit

The COMBO: Please Note that some Resellers choose to order both Kits to have the portability of EAGLE 1 and the range of EAGLE 4.

EAGLE 1: $ 35
EAGLE 4: $395

Eagle 1 + 4  = $430

2014 DISCOUNT on Combination = $345

(Contact us for DLC Fixture Pricing to add to your order)

All Applicable State Sales / Use Tax is the sole responsibility of the customer.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING + Multiple LED Sales Kit Orders:

These costs are for Domestic U.S. shipping only. Overseas shipping is additional, billed at the cost to the buyer. To price out the shipping cost, each 4′ (1200mm) Independence LED tube is approx. 1.4 lbs (.64 kg)

Support: for possible shipping discounts on more than 3 Kits, please email sales@IndependenceLED.com or call 484-588-5401.


ORDER Options:

Pay by CREDIT CARD: Download the LED Sales Kit Order Form below, specify the type and number of Sales Kits,

fill in the Credit Card Info and Fax it to 267-295-8459 or email it to sales@IndependenceLED.com


If paying by CHECK, send check and LED Sales Kit Order Form to:

Independence LED Lighting, LLC

Attn: Brian Sokolow

487 Devon Park Drive, Suite 204

Wayne, PA 19087 USA

DOWNLOAD LED Sales Kit Order Form Here (PDF Version)


Support or More Informantion:

Contact Us

Tel: 484-588-5401


Accessories (Added Cost): Carrying Case & Light Meter

The Tube Case is for Convenience and the Light Meter is for conducting Lighting Audits as well as illustrating that the LED Tubes produce equal or greater footcandles as fluorescent tubes of equivalent lengths…yielding 50% or more in savings with LEDs. Measurement is the Key to Management.

LED Sales Kit 1

LED Sales Kit Tube Carrying Case: Typically about $75

(Search online for Telescoping Rod Case or use this link) Tube Case


LED Sales Kit Light Meter: Typically about $50

(Search online for Foot Candle meter or use this link) Light Meter