Commercial LED Retrofitting Projects have dramatically increased over the past few years

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The high performance US Made technology which drives the De-Lamping potential of Independence LED Retrofit Kits was featured in the online version of Electrical Business Magazine.

From Electrical Business Magazine: “We invest heavily in developing the highest quality content, the most current media delivery platforms, the greatest industry presence and the best qualified circulation…”

The Independence LED Lighting coverage also extended to include Retrofit Magazine

From Retrofit Magazine: “The design and construction industries have experienced huge losses in revenue, opportunities and employees. However, the downturn in new construction and the vast inventory of existing building stock has turned industry professionals’ focuses on the retrofit market and the opportunities it presents. Building owners, too, are finding cheaper leases within empty spaces or are retrofitting their current spaces in hopes of improving value for the impending real-estate uptick.

Although other trade publications have mentioned retrofitting and the specific products required to retrofit buildings, there has not been a publication or Web site focused entirely on what now is a prominent market category. Retrofit magazine’s goal is to provide facility managers, building owners, contractors and others education about and insight into this burgeoning marketplace. As retrofitting makes its place in our nation’s building history, the concept itself deserves recognition through its own publication and Web site.

Independence LED Retrofitting and De-Lamping Strategy

De-Lamping – the replacement of two fluorescent tubes with one LED tube – greatly diminishes the operating cost for owners and, in many cases, reduces the payback period to as little as one year. Many Independence LED products are DLC listed and qualify for rebates with major energy providers, which can also reduce the payback period.

Independence LED retrofit kits for De-Lamping can be installed in existing lighting fixtures, or be shipped pre-assembled in new lighting fixtures.

According to Independence LED CEO Charles Szoradi, “The key to De-Lamping is based on our ability to use one high output tube to replace two existing fluorescent tubes or a pair of imported tubes.  Our deep fin aluminum heart sinks and external driver technology enables one of our LED tubes to do the work of two alternative options. The result is lower electricity consumption, less heat output and greater performance.”

Save 65% in Lighting Costs

Independence LED has seen demand for several De-Lamping scenarios, all of which produce 50% or more in lighting savings:

  • LED Retrofitting 2’x4’ office troffers containing four, 32 watt 4’, T8 fluorescent tubes to an LED Retrofit Kit consisting of two, 4’, 22 watt tubes powered by one external driver. This reduces the total fixture wattage from 128 watts to 44 watts, resulting in a 66% lighting savings.Four $35 imported Chinese tubes to replace four 32 watt fluorescent tubes may seem to be a less expensive solution than $68 US Made LED tubes. However, buyers have to take the cost per unit off the table and look at the fixture retrofit cost. 4 x $35 = $140 while 2 x 68 = $136.  The value is in the FIXTURE Retrofit cost and not the tube cost. Plus the US made tubes by Independence LED have a 10 year warranty vs the imported tubes that often cap out at 5 years.
  • LED Retrofitting 2’x2’ office troffers containing two, 32 watt, 2’ U-shaped fluorescent tubes (which is essentially four, 2’ fluorescent tubes) to an LED Retrofit Kit consisting of two,2’, 11 watt tubes powered by one external driver. This reduces the total fixture wattage from 64 watts to 22 watts, resulting in a 68% lighting savings.
  • LED Retrofitting a fixture with a pair of 8’ fluorescent tubes at 60 watts each (total fixture wattage 120w) to an LED Retrofit Kit consisting of a pair of 4’ 29 watt tubes, run end-to-end, powered by one external driver. This reduces the total fixture wattage from 120 watts to 58 watts, resulting in over 50% energy savings. This approach to de-lamping is often accompanied by an installation without the de-lamping with tube for tube replacements to show the end user the comparable output in foot candles. This way the end user is included in the decision making process.

Independence LED has installed retrofit kits in the commercial and industrial, warehousing, educational, parking garages, hospitality and multi-family residential markets. For more information on how your business can benefit from an LED Retrofit, please fill out our contact form or call 484-588-5401.

To learn more about the specific costs and economic advantage of delamping and retrofitting with LED tubes, LED troffers, LED parking garage fixtures, and LED high bays, see the main page on LED Fixtures