By using a smart plug, you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home without the need for costly devices or concerns about privacy. Everyday items such as TV Strips and lamps can easily transition from conventional to smart with a simple app installation. 

Over the years, we’ve evaluated numerous smart plugs, and in this list, we present our top picks of the best smart plugs in the market.

Best Option Overall

TP-Link’s Kasa line of mini smart plugs deliver the same performance as their larger counterparts but come in a more compact form that’s easier to stack alongside others. 

When you use just one, it won’t block the adjacent outlet at all. The app interface is quite user-friendly, offering features like scenes, timers, and schedules that you can customize to your preferences. 

The “Away” mode is especially handy as it turns the plugs on and off randomly within a timeframe you select, deterring potential burglars and creating the illusion that someone is home.


Excellent Alternative

Wyze products always bring forth positive experiences, and that sentiment extends to their smart plug as well. Navigating the Wyze app is a breeze, and the control interface is intuitive. You have the option to toggle the plug on or off, set timers, monitor daily and weekly usage, and even activate vacation mode to discourage potential burglars. 

Best Outdoor Plug Option

For a weather-resistant smart plug, we recommend this option from Cync. It’s particularly useful for managing outdoor setups like Christmas decorations or year-round string lights. 

The convenience of controlling these devices without needing to step outside is truly wonderful. Moreover, this smart plug features a cord that connects to the wall, providing two smart outlets while utilizing just one AC outlet on the wall.

Best Option for a Siri User

If you’re an avid Siri user who relies on Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, a smart plug compatible with Apple’s voice assistant might be on your radar.

In terms of its functionality, the Meross plug adheres to common standards—it’s comparable in size to most smart plugs and functions in a similar manner. A standout feature is its compatibility with Siri, which eliminates the need for downloading an extra app to begin using it. 

Within this app, you can create scenes such as “Arrive Home” and schedules that incorporate the smart plug with other HomeKit-compatible devices. What’s more, this plug also extends compatibility to Google Assistant and Alexa, making it an excellent choice if you desire a plug that works with a variety of smart speakers.

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