Light possesses the remarkable ability to establish a setting. Gentle, subdued light can promptly create an intimate atmosphere; crisp, bright light can aid concentration; and dynamic color changes can infuse a party vibe. 

However, light need not remain static. Synchronized or responsive lighting can elevate music experiences, make movie scenes leap from the screen, and intensify the immersion of gaming. The realm of smart home lighting has evolved substantially in recent times, offering diverse shapes and sizes, and is now more affordable than ever before.

In this guide, we’re delving deep into the realm of decorative or accent lighting.

Best Option for a Smart Light Panel

These modular bars offer a delightful blend of vibrant, diffused light. Installing them is reasonably straightforward, and they exude a sense of durability. 

Additionally, its app boasts captivating animated scenes, with the rainbow effect being a personal favorite. The reactive mode that synchronizes with music enhances the experience. While the app enables you to craft your own scenes, the process can be confusing. 

Fortunately, there’s a variety of preconfigured scenes to choose from. For turning the light bars on or off, I usually employ Google Assistant, occasionally diving into the app to modify colors or scenes.

Best Option for a Light Strip

Philips offers a multitude of outstanding ambient choices within its Hue collection. This light strip is notable for its brightness, vibrant colors, and seamless customization through the Hue app. 

The app allows you to pinpoint the exact color or shade of white you desire, and it provides a solid selection of preconfigured scenes. You can tailor this light strip by cutting it or extending it to match any space. 

Best Option on a Budget

For an economical LED light strip suitable for installation in a recess, behind furniture, or any concealed location, this Govee strip stands out as a reliable option. 

Via the Govee app, you can individually select colors for sections while also having access to an extensive array of animated effects or the ability to craft your own. Furthermore, this light strip can synchronize with music and features a practical physical control box encompassing a power button, a color cycle button, and a button for music syncing.

Best Option for a Smart Lamp


This creative and reasonably priced modular lamp presents a clever solution for those who rent or prefer not to risk damaging walls with adhesive-backed ambient smart lights. 

It offers a chance to experience this realm without adhesive (although mounting is an option). Setting it up is a breeze, and you have the flexibility to rearrange the 3-inch hexagonal panels into any desired configuration. 

The accompanying app provides a variety of solid colors and captivating dynamic effects. Additionally, the panels are responsive to music and voice commands.

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