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Our LED Technology Differentiation yields: The LOWEST COST of OWNERSHIP LIGHTING

To better understand our advanced “Mission Critical” LED Technology, that is ideal for 24/7 run time areas of properties, please Contact Us for samples.

Independence LED Tubes for Fluorescent replacements and Independence LED Fixtures are powered by the LED Linear Modules for Troffers, Vapor Tights, Low Bays, and High Bays.

Our LED Lights are Manufactured in America with Domestic and Imported Components, with the most robust Thermal Management System, and Engineered for High Performance and Longevity.

The LED Technology Differentiation Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Sample Savings Report
  • The Challenge: 5 Points on the State of the Industry
  • The Solution: 10 Point Technology Differentiation
  • The Results: 5 Points on the Advantages
  • Industry Leadership: Forged in America™
  • Appendix: The Lowest Cost of Ownership Lighting Solutions:
  • LED Tubes
  • LED Troffers
  • LED Vapor Tight Fixtures
  • LED High Bay Fixtures

Content excerpts from the LED Technology Differentiation file

(Note: The 41 page LED Technology Report includes supporting photographs, charts, graphic figures, and data)

Internal Drivers create a Burn Zone that degrades the LED Tubes.

The heat from Internal Drivers literally burns and discolors the Phosphor that dictates the Specified Color Temperatures. Plus, the discoloration reduces the output of the light.

Internal “End Dependent” Drivers are NO BETTER than other Internal Drivers, because upon failure, the whole tube needs to be replaced. Plus, Internal Drivers are often referred to as a “Dependent” Driver System in that the Tube relies on the circuit to run through the fixture tombstone and thus cannot be rotated to adjust the beam angle.

Thermal Management: We use Deep Fin Heat Sinks. Avoid No Fin or a Thin Fin System to shed the heat. (Illustration reference) The Independence LED Tube’s Deep Fin Heat Sink vs. some other Tube’s Shallow Fin Heat Sink. Plus, this illustrates the channel connection of the Aluminum/Copper Circuit Board (ACB) to the thermal mass vs. the floating fiberglass PCB that traps the damaging heat inside the competing tube cavity.

  • Made in America
  • Top Quality Assurance
  • Reduced Shipping Cost
  • U.S. Job Creation

Our Operations on the US Northeast Corridor are central to the largest energy concentrations in North America. We also reduce costs with Domestic Manufacturing rather than shipping our robust Aluminum Heat Sinks from 12,000 miles away in Asia.

The Proof of Value in our LED Technology is in our performance over multiple years across multiple property types and sizes. See our LED Case Studies

To learn more about the people behind our advanced LED Technology, please see the highlights on our Independence LED Lighting Executive Team.

Independence LED Lighting has pioneered innovations in LED Technology and energy efficient illumination that has garnered Media Attention.