Top LED Performance


See the Top LED Performance and Top ROI areas by one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers of 10 Year Warranty USA Made LED Lights

With thousands of types of lights across commercial and industrial ceilings and walls, property owners and managers have both a challenge and an opportunity to- identify which types of energy efficient LED fixtures are most relevant, and effective.  Identifying a manufacturer/ lighting partner that can deliver on the best aesthetics, light output, and return on investment, is critical.

The breakdown below is a guide to align where the Independence Top LED Performance products are most applicable based on sales history, market traction, and feedback since we brought our manufacturing -from China to Southeastern Pennsylvania in 2010.

Top LED Performance – Key Companies and Influencers:

  1. ROI and NOI Focused Companies:

Return on Investment and Net Operating Income are key drivers in any business decision. Independence LED products are ideally suited for business owners and managers that seek to maximize sustainable ROI and NOI. Due to the reliability and proven track record of our products, our 10 Year Warranty is a profit making reflection of doing it right from the beginning.

  1. Companies with Tenant Fit-Outs:

Independence LED’s line of Top LED Performance standard and custom  fixtures are ideal for building owners that already have a budget for lighting built into tenant lease fit-outs. The sunk cost of traditional fixtures is an offset against the installation that does not reduce the LED ROI.

  1. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) with Private Sector Accounts:

Performance based contracting, by its very nature, has a profound sense of “Total Cost of Ownership”. So, reliability is key to avoid repeat visits to a client’s facility to repair or replace technology. Independence LED’s external drivers and deep fin aluminum heat sinks provide the robust “Mission Critical” technology with the reliability reflected in our industry leading 10 Year Warranty. We also have the Top LED Performance track record over multiple years of installations across Fortune 100 accounts ranging from Morgan Stanley to MetLife.

Top LED Performance 2
  1. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) with Public Sector Accounts:

For ESCOs that are on the approved U.S. Government list, the “Buy American” standards are key. Independence LED is one of very few authentic US Manufacturers of LED linear “tubes” and fixtures. We also have the track record over multiple years of installations across the U.S. Military and multiple civilian Government Agencies.

  1. “GREEN” Minded Companies:

Companies or organizations that have set energy efficiency and/or CO2 reduction goals welcome the Independence LED products, because the products are one of the most cost-effective ways to reliably reduce kWh and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Plus, Climate Change advocates can lead by example and “Walk the Talk” by changing their lights. Given the rise in “Buy Local” trends to reduce transportation costs, the Independence LED Made in America advantage also helps reduce the CO2 footprint.

  1. Experienced Energy Advisors and Lighting Professionals:

Educated professionals are our best allies. People that know lighting respect that we pioneered advanced LED thermal management and stay ahead of the race to the top of performance rather than the race to the bottom of price. Leading third parties, such as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), release reports that reflect Independence LED’s leadership in performance across lumens per watt and safety.

  1. Architects and Lighting Specifying Designers:

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications and Energy Star points are increasingly “top of mind” or on the forefront of thought for the building design and specification community. Including LEDs from the beginning rather than retrofitting saves money and the environment, while earning higher LEED and Energy Star ratings.

  1. American Patriots:

BUY AMERICAN is increasingly important to companies and service professionals that care about American Energy Independence, Energy Security and Job creation. As a U.S. manufacturer, Independence LED is proud to help America grow stronger and foster the spirit of self-reliance that was so central to the foundation of this great country.


Top Property Types:

  1. Properties with 24/7 Emergency Lighting:       

Examples: Exit Stairs in commercial high rises, apartment buildings, dorms, hospitals, as well as sections of retail chains, schools, and commercial lobbies.

  1. Properties running 24/7:

Examples: Convenience Stores, Retail Stores, Hospitals, etc.

  1. Properties with Parking Garages: 

Examples: Underground as well as structured parking. Attendant garages are an ideal sub-set, specifically in high rebate areas like NYC and Baltimore, where the rebate covers 100% cost of the fixture.

  1. Properties with Hazardous Location Fixtures:

Examples: U.S. Military, Refineries, Coal Mines, Laboratories. Independence LED was the very first to secure Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listing on a Hazardous Location Fixture “Retrofit Kit” that lets business owners and managers save money by changing out the lamps rather than replacing the significantly more expensive fixtures.

  1. Properties with indoor Agriculture:

Examples: Hydroponic vegetable and flower farmers as well as greenhouse operators. The Independence LED custom Grow Light fixtures are designed by plant type to deliver the optimal spectral wavelengths for photosynthesis.

  1. Properties with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels:

Examples: Warehouses, Schools, etc. where owners see the ROI value in not wasting the hard earned PV electricity on inefficient lights.

  1. Properties with outdated T12 fluorescent tubes or Metal Halide Lights:

Examples: A surprisingly large number and diverse range of properties that still have outdated technology.

  1. Properties run by local, state, or federal U.S. Government :

Examples: Fire Houses, Police Stations, Court Houses, City Halls, State Buildings and Federal Agency Buildings that welcome the Made in America quality and job creation advantages of the Independence LED products.

Areas that Benefit Most:

  1. High Cost per kWh Areas:

The higher the cost / kWh the higher the ROI.

  1. High Rebate Areas:

Since Independence LED often delivers higher lumens / watt than competitors, the Rebates are often larger in areas that provide a rebate based on the energy savings.

  1. Warm Climate Areas:

Independence LED’s deep fin aluminum heat sinks are more reliable and last longer than other LED high bay fixtures that require active fans to keep the diodes cool vs our passive cooling. This is ideal for unconditioned warehouses in southern states and also helps reduce air conditioning loads across commercial properties.

  1. LOCAL: Pennsylvania based companies:

Pennsylvania based companies embrace the job creation since Independence LED manufactures the products in Greater Philadelphia.

Support Information: LED Specification White Paper