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LED CASE STUDY: Urban Health Plan

See advantages of American Made LED Lights in Urban Health Plan Case Study – 10 Year Warranty and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership LED Lighting.

Project: Urban Health Plan (UHP) Simpson Pavilion

Highlights: First U.S. New Health Care Facility with LEDs

Address: 1065 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, New York 10459

Owner: Urban Health Plan (www.urbanhealthplan.org)

LED Installation: 2011 to Ribbon Cutting on April 25, 2014 (Earth Week)

Opportunity for LED Lights: Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for health care facilities. In 2011, UHP took the groundbreaking initiative to include LEDs throughout its 54,000 sq. ft. new Simpson Pavilion. For 24/7 areas with 8,760 hours/year of operation, the high $.20/kWh electricity rate would have burdened UHP with $56 per tube of operating cost each year on typical 32 Watt 4’ or U tube fluorescents. Even other areas running 73 hour/week would have cost $24 per tube.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED provided a diverse range of LED solutions including its signature linear tube that saves over 53%, running on only 15 Watts instead of the traditional 32 Watt fluorescents.

Urban Health Plan LED Case Study Results: By using LEDs vs. fluorescents, the annual savings is 148.91 kWh per tube in 24/7 areas, yielding electricity savings of $29.78 per tube/year. Over the LED life, the energy savings is over $204 per tube and over 1,367 lbs of CO2. UHP is now open. Health care facility administrators can visit or at least learn more about saving 50% on electricity. With 2.9 billion sq. ft. of U.S. health care facilities (Census) and one tube on average for 32 sq. ft., the annual savings is billions of dollars.

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