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See advantages of American Made LED Lights in USDA Forest Service Case Study – 10 Year Warranty and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership LED Lighting.

Project: USDA Forest Service

Highlights: Pacific Southwest Region Administrative Offices

Address: 1323 Club Dr, Vallejo, CA 94592

Owner: USDA (

LED Installation: Q1 2014

Opportunity for LED Lights: The US Forest Service sought a way to reduce energy expenses, while maintaining or improving light quality. With existing fluorescent 32 Watt T8 tubes, an upgrade to LED presented a cost-effective way to achieve their goals. At 60 hours/week and $.15/kWh, each existing 4’ tube used 100.1 kWh and cost $15.02 per year. Pacific Lighting Management (PLM), a DOE Qualified ESCO, turned to Independence LED for the high performance U.S. Made LED Tubes.

LED Lighting Solution: For improved lighting, Independence LED and Pacific Lighting Management recommended using 22W LEDs for the 4’ fixtures, and 15W for the 2’ fixtures. The energy efficient LEDs (4000K, 85 CRI) include frosted lens to ensure that the US Forest Service maintains smooth, quality light at the desk level and work surfaces

USDA Forest Service LED Case Study Results: By reducing each 4’ tube wattage from 32W to 22W for an average of 31%, the annual savings is 31.29 kWh and $4.69 every year. Energy report estimates reveal annual energy savings of over 44,000 kWh and 1.5 million pounds of CO2.

The Independence external power supply and advanced thermal management design allows for considerably longer life, and the 10 year warranty is unmatched in the industry.” – Tim Hatamian, Pacific Lighting Management

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