Video Highlights: LED Projects of all Sizes and Property Types

Through video, we have periodically documented some examples of our LED Major Property Accounts and smaller LED Projects, dating back to early LED retrofits in 2009 when we began pioneering the development and adoption of Commercial LED Lighting. Our LED retrofits, renovations, and new construction installations include a diverse range of public and private sector facilities, from small scale to the the Largest LED Tube Retrofit in the U.S. In addition to providing Retrofit Photos and Case Studies, we are also pleased to share these videos, some of which were taken for internal review and training purposes.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth…more







Click above to see the 3 minute highlight video. Also, click here to read a broad range of Independence LED Testimonials from different property types and companies across America.

A Business Case for LED Lighting

2016 Presentation (45 minutes) Presentation for the Sustainable Energy Fund

Video – Full Presentation

Over the past decade, Independence LED’s CEO, Charlie Szoradi, has been invited to speak at a diverse range of events, and this three part Business Case for LED Lighting was developed for a two hour workshop at an Economic Development Council sponsored by PECO. Education is naturally a key aspect of any disruptive technology, and these videos are loaded with educational material and insight from years of work on LED projects. The presentation includes key support graphics, charts, and case studies, and each part is just under 30 minutes in length. For a copy of the slide presentation:

Video Part 1 of 3

Video Part 2 of 3

Video Part 3 of 3


LED Strip Kits:

Easy installation magnetic backed system with multiple wattage options

Type C Tubes with “C” Clamp:

Easy rotation for beam angle adjustments and delamping

LED Remote Pendant Systems, Panels, and Troffers:

Radial feature for innovative office

LED Gymnasium Solutions:

LED High Bay Impact Testing

LED Lighting Parking Garage Solutions:

Multiple Property Profiles and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

LED Lighting Healthcare Facility Solutions:

Urban Health Plan + Highlights on LED Retrofits for Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital, Jefferson University Hospital, and US NAVY Hospital Ship

Auto Dealership Group:

McCafferty Auto Group Hyundai Dealership – Renovation with LED Panels

Top Heat Sinks, BMW and Rolls-Royce Dealerships, and California Production

Authorized Reseller Testimonial

Third Generation Independent Retailer:

Braxton’s Animal Works – Walk Through Video 4 Years after Retrofit

National Chain of Service Centers:

Monro Muffler – Energy Savings and Business Optimization

Industrial Distribution Center:

Gretz Beer Anheuser-Busch Distribution Center

Trailer for Video LED Case Study short version (3 minutes)

Video LED Case Study (15 minutes)

Davis and Warshow – Better Lighting

Davis and Warshow – Flip the Switch


Muscle Maker Grill

Healthcare Offices:

Alaris Health Offices

Exterior Parking Pole Lights:

Burger King in Elizabeth, NJ LED Parking Pole Retrofit

Office Troffer Retrofits with Ballast Compatible LED Tubes:

Plug and Play LED Tubes

Authorized Sales Members:

Three Sample Testimonials from LIGHT FAIR International 2013

Veteran Perspective:

Testimonial relative to the U.S. Government and Military

Youth Perspective:

Testimonial from GREEN BUILD 2013

Next Generation Inspiration:

Student Outreach for Energy Independence Day

See how young students take action to impact positive change in their community.

Bringing Power to Life

American Innovation and Youth Power. We initially developed the “light bicycle” featured in this 60 second commercial for education outreach, and the source video won the 2011 General Electric (GE) Ecomagination Prize in a national competition.


VIDEO Modules:

The following videos are several minutes in length and focus on key technical differentiators between our U.S. made Independence LED products and imported LEDs or technology with less robust thermal management. The success of LED projects of any scale, for retrofits or new construction, centers on the professional service and the quality of the LED lights.

Note: These training videos from 2012 demonstrate how far ahead of the curve we were in identifying the advantages of LED technology. We were the first to offer a 5 year warranty, and we set another benchmark by announcing our industry leading 10 year warranty when we exhibited at LIGHTFAIR International in April 2013.

Video Module 1 of 10: LED Tube Challenge

Video Module 2 of 10: LED Tube Solution

Video Module 3 of 10: LED Tube Heat Sinks

Video Module 4 of 10: LED Tube Production Efficiency

Video Module 5 of 10: LED Tube Industrial Strength

Video Module 6 of 10: LED Tube Key to Longevity

Video Module 7 of 10: LED Tube Energy Savings

Video Module 8 of 10: LED Tube Multi-Tube Fixtures

Video Module 9 of 10: LED Tube System Efficiency

Video Module 10 of 10: LED Tube US Factory

T12 Fluorescent to LED Retrofit Videos

2’ T12 Fluorescent to LED Tube Retrofit: The T12 2′ Tubes

4’ T12 Fluorescent to LED Tube Retrofit: The T12 4′ Tubes

8’ T12 Fluorescent to LED Tube Retrofit: The T12 8′ Tubes

Our CEO, Charlie Szoradi, was invited by the Council of State Governments (CSG) to speak at the Easter Regional Conference on July 29. 2019. Presentation slide show:

The presentation was specifically for CSG’s Energy and Environment Committee, and here is the link to the 12 minute video of the presentation: