Wholesale LED Tube and Fixture Products with 10 Year Warranties and Made in USA Quality

One of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers offers USA Made LED Lights including Wholesale LED Tube products to LED Distributors and Authorized Resellers. Independence LED Lighting is proud to manufacture its LED Tubes and Multi-Tube Fixtures in America. The Company is also proud of the market traction that its Distributors have reached given the factory direct wholesale LED pricing.

American Factory Direct Wholesale LED Tube Pricing

The Wholesale LED Tube Purchase Order Process:

When Independence LED Lighting fulfills a Purchase Order from one of its LED Tube Distributors and sells lengths like 4′ LED Tubes, Independence LED has already, in advance, provided the pricing tiers at volume levels for the wholesale 4′ LED Tubes or other lengths. The color temperature and wattage options are variables in addition to the clear or frosted lens choices across the Independence LED line of LED Tubes.

 Wholesale LED Tube

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Wholesale LED Tube Length and External Driver Options to Power Multiple Tubes:

When it comes to multi-tube LED fixtures, Independence LED can accommodate requests for 4 foot LED Tubes in addition to the other LED Tube lengths. The wholesale LED tube at 4 ft  and other lengths are available to qualified Wholesale LED Tube Distributors or other members of the Independence LED Authorized Reseller Network, such as: LED Tube Stocking Distributors for Wholesale LED Tube Electrical Supply, LED Tube Dealers, Property Maintenance Companies, LED Tube Lighting Product Specifiers, LED Tube Electrical Contractors, LED Tube Value Added Resellers, Energy Service Companies with LED Tube measures, LED Tube Lighting Design and LED Tube Installation Firms, Construction Management Firms, plus Cleantech providers for Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, etc. that want to increase the ROI for their clients.

For common sizes like the 4 foot LED length, the goal of any LED Distributor or Reseller is naturally to buy a 4 ft LED Tube at wholesale and then sell the 4 ft LED Tube at a reasonable margin to delivers a favorable gross profit to the reseller and Return on Investment (ROI) for the end-user. Independence LED’s U.S. Manufacturing for LED Tubes, with automated assembly and 1/1000 of an inch accuracy tolerance, delivers over 18,000 diodes per hour on the printed circuit boards for each of four different assembly lines. This combination of automation and rigorous quality assurance produces cost-effective and high quality products right here in America.

The Wholesale LED Tube Distribution Process:

Over the course of conducting research, end-users may look to order multiple length samples and buy 4′ LED Tubes or other sizes to test in their own facility. Independence LED typically directs inquiries to the Independence LED Distributor that has the closest service location or has the most experience for the designated property type. The volume of online requests for costs on common lengths like a 2 ft LED Tube, 4 ft LED Tube, or 8’ LED Tube price has increased dramatically over the past two years and now comes frequently through searches on terms like Made in America LED Tubes.  The searches and inquiries are sometimes general, without calling out the length such as a “4 foot” LED Tube. In some cases end-users are not searching for LED Tubes at all, but they are simply looking to replace T12 U Tubes, 4′ or 8’ T12 Fluorescent Tubes and T12 LED Ballasts for 4′ T8 Fluorescent Tubes or 4′ T5 Fluorescent Tubes. Independence LED replaces the T12 or the T8 U tubes with a pair of 2’ LED Tubes. The searches for online 4 ft LED Tubes and any other lengths, creates some confusion among end-users in the marketplace over Engineering, Quality, and Value.

So, we encourage our Wholesale LED Tube Distributors to have their clients review the “Technology Differentiation” file and the White Paper on T12s referenced above. See: www.IndependenceLED.com/BootCamp. These two files help to inform clients about the need for robust LED Tube thermal management and the reasons to buy 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 5ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft LED Tubes over any length Fluorescent T8 or T5 Tube. Our US Made LED Tubes also build confidence that is backed by multiple years of sales traction and installations ranging from small business owners to national chains and from cultural institutions to Fortune 100 corporations. One of our recent chain location retrofits includes over 6 miles of LED tubes (over 100 football fields of light) and another Distribution Center facility has over 2 miles under roof (over 34 football fields of light). These are benchmark LED tube accounts, and they represent two of the largest LED tube retrofits in US History to date. The proof of value in our LED Technology and Solutions Services is in our performance over multiple years across multiple property types and sizes. See our LED Case Studies

Distributors that buy our Wholesale LED Tube and the Lead Process:

In certain cases a member of the Independence LED Authorized Reseller Network may have a lead on an account that they are unable to service through either geographic or time constraints. In these cases, Independence LED works to align the account and provide a Lead Provider commission. The alignment is unnecessary to sell a 4′ LED Tube or other length LED Tube as a sample. However, the coordination for Lighting Audits, Savings Reports, and Installation oversight increases as the size of the projects increase to sell the common 2 ft, 4 ft, and 8 ft LED Tubes or other sizes and fixtures. Independence LED works with LED Tube installers across the country to retrofit properties by changing out the old fluorescent ballasts for the new external LED Tube Drivers. The choice of the installation provider is typically left in the hands of the end-user or the Authorized Reseller that has elected to buy the American Made Independence LED Tubes on behalf of their clients.

Beyond the Wholesale LED TUBES:

LED Tube Manufacturing is a sub-set of the larger Independence LED Lighting business. Beyond the LED Tube Manufacturing, we design and produce a range of fixtures from LED Vapor Tight Parking Garage Fixtures to LED High Bay Fixtures, from LED Retrofit Kits to LED Grow Light Fixtures, and from Stair Lights to LED Aisle Lights. We also manufacture Hazardous Location Fixture Retrofit Kits and Custom Fixtures for customers across the growing marketplace. See our line of LED Spec Sheets

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Independence LED Lighting has pioneered innovations in Wholesale LED Tube Technology and energy efficient illumination that has garnered Media Attention.

Our Made in USA Wholesale LED Tube Technology is one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy. We look forward to working with you.