INDEPENDENCE LED Spec Sheets for LED Tubes and LED Fixtures

The INDEPENDENCE LED Spec Sheets include comprehensive data on our products. The high performance modular tubes are the cornerstone of the company’s linear engineering and American Made product manufacturing. The LED linear modules comprise a system with a range of length, color temperature, wattage, lens, CRI options, dimming, and beam angle adjustment for the cost-effective replacement of fluorescent tubes as well as for new fixtures in a diverse range of applications. INDEPENDENCE LED is committed to producing, The “Best Built” LED Tubes and LED Fixtures with the strongest 10 Year Warranty and the highest Lumens per Watt.

WINNER: U.S. Green Building Council – Best Lighting Retrofit Award – See: Media Coverage

For New LED Tube Spec Sheets (See “Retrofit Kits” below)

NEW: LED Retro-Fit Kits Spec Sheets – Common 2′ & 4′ Tubes 

NEW: LED Retro-Fit Kits Spec Sheets – All Lengths & Full Specifications

NEW: Vapor Tight and Parking Fixture Spec Sheets

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NEW: LED Strip Fixture Spec Sheets

NEW: LED Stairwell and Corridor Fixture

NEW: LED Troffer

NEW: LED Aisle Light

NEW: LED Narrow Light for Pendant and Recessed Applications

NEW: LED Remote Pendant System

Grow Light for Vegetation

Grow Light for Flowering

Hazardous Location Fixture Retrofit Kit Spec Sheets

Given the numerous LED lights, sub-sets, and ongoing efficiency improvements, we have many different products and LM79 and IES files. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us at 484-588-5401 or Contact Us.

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For Custom Engineered LED lights, DLC Qualified Product List (QPL) updates, the latest on our LED Spec Sheets, LED Fixtures, 2’, 3’, 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’ length LED Tubes, Contact Us.

INDEPENDENCE LED also engineers custom LED fixtures for both retrofit and new construction. Many of our fixtures leverage the advantages of our advanced technology through a range of multi-module applications and housing configurations. In most cases the LED fixtures are significantly more cost-effective than non-linear LED fixtures. The fixture competitive advantage comes through the innovative adaptation of heat sinks and housings vs. the “build from scratch” approach taken by many other LED fixture manufacturers. The specifications for upcoming lines of NEW fixtures, with our leading Lumen / Watt performance,  are available to Authorized Distributors, but not necessarily to the public. For support Contact Us.